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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 22, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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two crime scenes, 12 hours apart. a state correctional officer is dead and this morning police are looking for the gunman. get ready for the pat downs and scanners. passengers, so far, not happy about the changes coming to airport security. monday mornings are always easier when sunday's look like this. the ravens boot the panthers, 37-14. good morning maryland, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us. hope you had a great weekend. >> went down to indianapolis, had a great time down there. weather couldn't be better. what did you do? >> got all my christmas and hanukkah shopping done. >> did you go the online route? >> i was in there taking care o. >> i want it all the time. >> just going to sit back and
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brag for the next month. good morning to you, hope you made the most of this weekend. great weekend, i saw a lot of people in my neighborhood putting up the lights. probably a good weekend to do that. we'll have ourselves a big changeable pattern by next weekend. drizzle and fog, that's the issue this morning, we'll be warming things up for the next few days, our thanksgiving outlook all depends on the snow and ice back west and when that stuff reaches us in maryland. it's the eastern shore, we have ourselves queen ann's, eastern shore counties, dense fog advisory. basically charles, st. mary's peegee, montgomery around d.c. we go from mid- to upper 40s to the afternoon two-degree guaranteed high of 61. here's kim with traffic. >> good morning, traffic beginning to build around the area. not causing any major delays as we look at the beltway on the
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west side, liberty road, traffic moves well on the inner and outer loop. you'll still see residuals from an earlier crash. police remain on the scene there. as we check our maps, south of the beltway, reports of debris in the roadway, 97 southbound benfield boulevard. injury accident, hanover, dorsey road, new ridge road. police activity in reisterstown, route 140 and cockeys mill. megan and charlie, back to you. a murder barricade and gunman on the loose. police spent the weekend trying to find out who's behind a correctional officer's death. sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: a corrections officer was found murdered yesterday, now police are looking for a suspect. there was a three-hour barricade yesterday as they tried to figure out what exactly was going on, they found blood on a
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door. no one was found inside the apartment around 3:45 sunday morning. police found shawan jones dead from a single gunshot wound to the upper body in her friend's home in the 1700 block of ashwood street. police went to jones' home thinking a man was inside. >> everything was blocked off, they evacuated out building. >> now police tell us that jones knew her assailant they won't tell us how she knew her. the boston globe is reporting a missing 16-year-old who used to live in the baltimore area was found dead near boston. detectives found the body of d'vante tisdale outside of
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boston last week. they used fingerprints to find out it was instant tisdale. he was wanting to get back to baltimore, he was heading back to massachusetts with two friends. we know the name of the 19-year-old who was shot and killed sunday afternoon. carlton selman was shot in the area of swan and edmondson avenues. four minutes after 6:00 right now. a hyattsville man is under arrest. 34-year-old marvin flencia is charged in the shooting death of caldwell vazquez. no word yet on how this fire started in canton. there was a three-alarm fire there, brought under control at about 7:00 yesterday morning. one person had to go to the
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hospital with burns. one person is dead after a terrible collision in silver spring. police say it began with a couple fighting and ended in a car crash that killed a stranger. saturday there was a domestic problem involving the driver of a green van. they chased that man who was traveling with a 1-year-old baby in the back seat. >> cost his life and injured his child and himself. everybody in this situation's hurting. >> the collision happened on a busy cherry hill road near calverton. no word on charges for the driver. the baby is doing just fine. five minutes after 6:00: 1:00 game in charlotte. you're thinking your house will be cleared out about 2:15. you're thinking what you're going to do with all that crab soup you made. who knew you'd have to break out
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the pumpkin pie four days early. here's jamie costello. this was supposed to be a fake and a possible reverse, ravens turn it over. put it in with ray rice. locker room, ahead, 17-3. second half, brian st. pierre, a third stringer with the ravens. kyle bowler, fires an 88-yard touchdown. now we have a game. 20-13. here's pierre changing diapers last week and suddenly he has to change his own when ed reeves steps in front of the pass.
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yeah, ed, landry cashes it in for six. ed reed's 50th career pick of the year. win 37-13. 7-and-3 on the year. they'll come back home at 7:14 against the buccaneers. as the thanksgiving day travel approaches, uproar at the nation's airport is growing louder. travellers ranging from the average tourist to the secretary of state are not thrilled with the new rules. in an interview yesterday, hillary clinton went on to say if she could avoid the pat down she would certainly do so as well. you've seen all the images, everything going on with this. as the travel for thanksgiving approaches, prepare for more headaches and complaints. it's four days until black
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friday. a week from today, cyber monday. >> but you're done. >> i'm done. >> before you take to the internet to buy gifts, make sure you don't bottom a victim of online scams. adults love video games. big night at the american music awards, the young stars who took home some of the top award. first, let's head to new york for a look at the latest business headlines. we begin your moneyscope report with overseas stocks mostly higher. the european union agreed to a massive loan for the debt-crippled country. potentially avoid a ripple effect throughout the european and global economies. encouraging signs days ahead of black friday. shoppers spent more than the first two weeks of the first month raising hopes for the holiday season. helped boost sales of everything from clothing to tvs to jewelry.
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americans are eating out more. business is up for fast food to fine dining. it's a sign the worst may be over. tree years after the industry's worst downturn in decades. harry potter took in $125 million over its opening weekend. a record for the franchise. that's your moneyscope report, i'm vinita nair.
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oops. dude your eight layers are showing. [ female announcer ] mini-wheats® hot. keeps 'em full, keeps 'em focused. 11 minutes after 6:00: black friday is just a few days away. if you're manning to skip the mall and coo everything online, you may be vulnerable to scammers. >> joce sterman explains why in
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this week's scam alert. >> reporter: it may not be as big as black friday, but cyber monday is becoming a top shopping day. who needs a crowded mall when you can do your shopping from home. >> anybody in the world can throw up a website, collect your money and shut the went down and you're left without a gift, money lost. anyone can do that. >> reporter: the better business bureau says you have to know the retailers you're surfing before you submit personal information. research the company, check their bbb reports and look for reviews from other buyers. be weary of the web addresses. scammers will try to spoof the biggest stores. >> you could be redirected to a false website. >> reporter: special offers or coupons hit your inbox.
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you click the link thinking you're sent to the real store site, but scammers are just sending a trap. >> don't click on any attached links. go to the site your own, then go to the code. every place you visit on the web is leaving a trail for scammers to follow. >> you're putting a lot of information, a lot of cookies out there, they'll track back to you, you'll start getting a lot of the online scams. >> reporter: scams that last well beyond the holiday season, sent from someone who will surely end up on the naughty list. >> angie has another thing to keep in mind during the holidays. this is the time of year when scammers try phishing e-mails involving your bank account or shipping. they'll pose as jury bank or a company using your holiday shopping as a way to lure you in. you'll get all your information. if you get an e-mail from your bank, call them independently to
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verify problems. caroline county will open two hours late, queen ann's county, 90 minutes late with no morning kindergarten. how long will the fog hang around? let's ask justin. 6:14 and uh, charlie's talking about pea soup fog, megan's talking about fishing and cookies. who else is hungry this morning? seriously, it is thanksgiving week. we had a great weekend, we'll have two warm days before things start to change. 48 in baltimore. matching the mark towards new york. 50s from pittsburgh and charleston and westbound. we have ourselves au warm front here. on the other side of that boundary, is where the warm air sits. this time of the year, these warm surges try to cross the
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chesapeake. they encounter an easterly flow. air mass banks up moisture. there's the thick fog we have this morning. on back towards peegee, montgomery county, dc lasts until 11:00. we'll take all morning to burn this stuff off. we may get the fog that stems to our south. could get worse after daybreak, which is coming up in just about 45 minutes. we are expecting the surge of warm air to build in here. ahead of the active weather pattern. we're talking about rain across the ohio valley. ice problems across minnesota. snow back into the rockies. some ski resorts picking up feet of snow. three to five feet in some of the mountains of sierra. the installation area, other side of the jetstream, in reference to who are, we're on the warmest side of the pattern,
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we'll stay on the warmer side of the pattern, at least through thanksgiving. here's our general set-up, tomorrow will be warmer, but also get a little stormy. afternoon cold front comes through. that could bring showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. we shift the wind, we'll cool down, but stay generally on the warmer side of the pattern, as we head through midweek. that will last until thanksgiving, then things drop towards the weekend. 61, the morning drizzle and fog. we should see some sun try to sneak through, 45 overnight. tomorrow's temperature warmer 66, afternoon showers, quick peek here, we drop it down into the mid-and lower 50s. still warmer than what they're dealing with north and west. heavier rain, dropping temperatures to friday. >> that drizzle could make for a semi-slick ride around the area. some road could be a little more slippery than others. we do have fog warnings in place as the bay bridge. no major incidents on the big
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highways. 95 looks good at 195. both the 83s are checking in without incident. we have a haz-mat situation, tyler avenue and hilltop lane. there's a crew out there to clean that up. you might want to avoid the intersection for some time. police remain on the scene of an injury accident in hanover, dorsey road, new ridge road. southbound 97, benfield boulevard. we do have police activity in reisterstown, route 140, cockeys mill road. the highly popular video game industry is getting new games, gadgetry and hardware for the holiday season. >> paul jaffy takes a look at the latest games. >> reporter: we talked to travis horton from best buy in white marsh about some of the popular
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possibilities to consider. >> the xbox can i infect. it turns your xbox into a complete motion gaming system and it's all hands free. you play the game with your entire body, it tracks your feet, your hands, your head. lots of different games available for it already. >> for those that enjoy the controller, playstation has a new entry for the holidays. it's sony's answer to the new motion-gaming community that's out now. it's very active, very sensitive. a lot of fun. >> reporter: action games remain a top seller this year with plenty of new games and sequels to successful franchises. >> basically, right now, the number one game is call of duty black ops.
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they sold like 5.676 million copies. not all of them get as much hype as this game's gotten. >> work out games are a hot item again this year. as are 3d-compatible games. >> now they're starting to make games compatible with 3d tvs. now that 3dtvs have come down in price over the past several months or so. >> there are many titles for children available in the pc format. these are popular because of their ease of use with the mouse and keyboard. another category of games popular on the pc. >> a lot of the more popular types of pc games, are like the strategy-type combamz. you command uh, units and battalions and things like that. >> with these choices and more, there are gaming options available for all ages for the
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holidays. in white marsh, paul jaffy abc2 news. former first lady barbara bush has made comments about former alaska governor sarah palin and her rise to fame.
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♪ star-studded evening at the american music awards. justin bieber, captured four trophies. he's 16. he became the youngest person to ever win the award to beat out eminem, lady gaga, katy perry and usher. other winners of the night, included eminem and usher.
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the final three dancers performing on "dancing with the stars" tonight. tonight is their last chance to impress the judges. you want to stay tuned tomorrow night at 9:00 for the live results show. that's when one of those dancers will be presented with the coveted trophy. >> jennifer grey. >> she's so talented. time now for your birthdays, we have three birthday wishes we want to shout out to this morning. >> here they are. jenise dennis. pink thompson from parkville. his babey boy kingston with him. marley addison from the baltimore area turning the big five yesterday. >> belated birthday to our
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executive producer dan taylor. he turns something or other on saturday. if you're having a birthday, we want to know all about it. send us a short e-mail with an attached photo of your friend or family member to 6:25 right now. strength unlike most animals, but their beauty is captivating. >> the critical crossroads tigers are facing and the protection they desperately need. police want to talk to a person of interest after a correction's officer was found murdered. find out what detectives have to say in this case.
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officers found blood and knew there was more to the story. the shooting death of a correctional officer and the child she leaves behind. the stance the pope has taken and caused controversy among millions of catholics. brian st. pierre, faces ray lewis and the ravens d. >> they're always better when they win. everyone's in a better mood. >> things just seem warmer, it
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was a perfect weekend across much of the state, throughout the weekend. good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> justin berk has been on a string of weather days. it's a short work week, what do we have in store for this monday? >> nothing like that this morning, you just keep on bragging about that holiday list that you've uh, that's great for you, megan. that's wonderful, this morning, hope you had a chance to enjoy the weekend weather, we wake up with drizzle and fog. expect a warm-up the next couple days. we way the rest of the nation dealing with snow and ice. our outlook will depend


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